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                        In-service training on Civic Education and Election Observation


                                                                            Session I 12-18 June 2011, Bran, ROMANIA

                                                                          Aplication opened for Session II: 2-8 October 2011

                                                                      rolling application:  deadline for application 13 April 2011
Elections are a key aspect of democratic rule and part of the essential framework for developing democratic peaceful societies. They lay the foundation towards democracy, human rights, peace and good governance which is at the heart of the EU foreign policy objectives.
The training will:
1. provide organisations and adults working in the field of civic education with the opportunity to gain more in depth knowledge about electoral education, to discover ways of involving adults in the electoral process as active citizens;
2. offer quality and accessible lifelong learning opportunities in the field of civic education, encompassing electoral education and voter education;
3. prepare the participants for observation and assistance tasks in election observation missions, understanding and promoting the respect for human rights, democracy and peace;
4. contribute to the development of participatory democracy by informing and motivating the participants to get involved as volunteers for election observation;
5. raise awareness and familiarize people with the importance of active citizenship, electoral education and the European perspective on elections,democracy,active citizenship.

Target group: 20 participants who are:
-    Adults interested in civic education, elections and election observation
-    Teachers, Teacher trainers, Careers officers, educational guides and counselors;
-    Other (Paid or voluntary) staff in adult education institution/organizations
-    Members of adult education organizations
-    Members of NGOs active in the field of adult education, development education, peace, democracy, human rights, civic education

TRAINERS:  A team of highly qualified senior international experts will participate in order to ensure the high quality level of the training.
-    The training will be run by a senior electoral and legal expert-Mr. Tommaso Caprioglio (Italy), lawyer who has more than 8 years of experience in the election observation field, having participated in more than 14 EU election observation missions.
-    The second trainer will be Ms Smaranda Sandulescu (Romania) program manager with international experience in the electoral field as well as in the educational field.
-    Other international experts will join the training.

Day 1
9.00-13.00. Opening session, Presentation of the program, trainers, facilitators, housekeeping rules, information about the location, free-time.
Presentation of each participant, organisation they come from, experiences. Get to know each other better through ice breaking games.
14.00-15.00 The concept of active citizenship and civic education - The role of civil society in promoting and supporting active citizenship. Examples,
implementation in each country
15.15- 17.00 What is the link between civic education- peace – elections- human rights-democracy. Why observing elections? Focus group discussion. 
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Day 2
9.00-11.00 The international actors involved in election observation; international legal framework;
11.30-13.00 An insight on the major electoral systems – institutional approaches to election observation and assistance, elections and election observation in different countries.
14.30 -17.00 The Electoral Cycle, a comprehensive case study.
Visit to a touristic place
Day 3
9.00-11.00 EU Election Observation Missions (EU EOMs)- how can adults get involved in observing elections with the EU and why?
11.15-13.00 Example of election observation missions-Case studies I
14.30 -15.30 Example of election observation missions-Case studies II
15.45- 17.00 Working as an election observer volunteer, Short-Term Observers (STOs), Long-Term Observers (LTOs)
Visit to a touristic place
Day 4
9.00-11.00 Voter and Civic Education.
11.30-13.00 Gender and elections
14.30 -16.30 Role play- voting in a polling station on election day in country X presidential elections.
16.30-17.00 Evaluation of the game and lessons learned
Day 5
9.00-11.00 The role of civil society in electoral education, peacebuilding, conflict transformation and reconciliation. Why educate voters?
11.30 -13.00 Develop a voter education campaign, Develop partnership programs for voter education
14.30- 15.30 Presentation of group work14.30- 15.30 Presentation of group work
15.45- 17.00 Certificate award, Evaluation session

Day 6  Visit to a touristic place, Peles Castle and departure

Location : The training will take place at Club Vila Bran Resort-in Bran village. The resort is situated 10 minutes away from the famous Dracula's Castle, in Bran and 30 km away from Brasov city. 
BranCastle is a turistic point that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year because of the  legend of Count Dracula the Impalator.
The program also includes a  visit to the castle as well as to other touristic amazing places, such as the Peles Castle.You will have the chance also to experience the Romanian traditions of the region.
You will also get FREE access to various leisure facilities(swimming pool, sauna etc).

Course fee: 600 EUR
(includes accommodation & all meals, visits to touristic places, entrance to museums)
Tuition fee: 750 EUR

CANCELLATION FEE: 100 EUR. When participation is confirmed and then the participant cancels the participation, the cancellation fee is charged. Early registration is required as places are limited. Please register as soon as possible so we can send you the pre-registration certificate in time, so you can be able to apply for funding at the National Agency within the deadline.

Full scholarships( covering transport, course and tuition fee) are available for EU citizens, and also nationals of Turkey, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland through Grundtvig National Agency. Same applies for people who are residents living or working in these states. After you send us the application form and we will send you an information package on how to obtain full funding.

Should you have any further questions or should you experience problems in applying please, do not hesitate to contact us at : smaranda@formarestudia.ro


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If you are a national of any EU country, or of Lifelong Learning Program participating countries, which are also Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Croatia you can  apply for a full Grundtvig Grant before April 29,  2011 at your National Agency and attend the In-service training on Civic Education and Election observation. The grand can cover all related costs.

The training  has been officially validated by the European Union and is published in the Grundtvig Training database   with the reference number " RO-2011-095-002". session II. Only nationals of these countries can receive funding from their National Agency!

For a list of Grundtvig National Agencies -Lifelong Learning Programme - National Agencies http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/doc1208_en.htm

How to apply for a Grundtvig Grant to attend the training?- check our GUIDE click here for more info
We want to support you in order to be able to apply for a grant to attend the training. Please read these information carefully.

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