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"Addressing low self esteem and exclusion

in disadvantaged adults - Alseeda"

Grundtvig Learning Partnership - Lifelong Learning Programme.

Funding period: August 2009 - July 2011




Scottish Wider Access Programme SWAPWest - Scotland, UK

POE EDUCO, spol. s r. o. - Czech Republic

C.T.P.  Don Palena  c/o I.C. F. Negri  - Italy

Kadis d.o.o. - Slovenia



 National partners: Technical School "VASILE SAV"- Roman city

                               Theoretical High School "Vasile Alecsandri"-Iasi city


Key targets:

- Stimulating adults in lifelong learning, both for personal development and to

be a model for their children;

- Empowering parents about their children's education.


Project meetings:

1. Ostrava, Czech Republic - September 2009




        2. Rome, Italy - may 2010





3. Ljubljana, Slovenia - September 2010





Finalized products in the first year of the project by the partner NGO Formare Studia:

The book "Family and school in partnership for a quality education" - guidelines for parents.

The guide is addressed to all parents who are interested in personal development and improving relationships with their children. 





 "Alseeda" Club

organized by NGO Formare Studia in Alseeda project

as a training package for parents.



The Club has been operating in Iasi and Roman cities


National Coordinator - Ruginosu Teodora


In Iasi

 - 20 parents parents of children enrolled in VII-XII forms have been selected to participate in activities.

Project team

  • Sava Angela - local coordinator
  • Partenie Doina
  • Buraga Doina
  • Pislariu Marie Victoire
  • Adrian Frentescu
  • Ichim Oana Mirela
  • Sava Alexandru Gheorghe
  • Sava Emanoil Radu
  • Basu Mihaela

In Roman

 - 37 parents of children enrolled in IX-X forms have been selected to participate in activities.

   Project team

  • Adriana Petrovici - local coordinator
  • Zenovia Raadulescu
  • Paula Leanca
  • Ilenuta Buhai
  • Ruxandra Constantinescu
  • Laura Imbrea - psychologist
  • Costica Covrig
  • Roxana Pasparuga - psychologist


Methods used

  • Teamwork
  • Role play, case study
  • Watching some filmed sequences

Results of the activities made so far in both workshops (Iasi and Roman):


- The relations within the family have improved ;

- The relationships between parents and teachers and among students and

teachers have improved;

- Parents are more involved in school life;

- The association members have developed materials for working with

parents (questionnaires, handouts, a guide for parents);

- In addition to scheduled parents activities were held also activities with

parents and children;

- The student's motivation for learning had increased.

News & Events

2016-01-13 - The Art of Mentoring training package

FORMARE STUDIA is inviting you to participate in a training course on mentoring.

The Art of Mentoring training package contains three courses that addresses to adults from European countries that desire to learn and experience the magic of mentoring, in order to increase their ability to address other’s needs and be source of motivation for future (formal/non-formal) education or training for adults.
- The Mentor training course
- The Facilitator/trainer for Mentor training course
- The Mentoring Program Manager training course

Working language: ENGLISH and FRENCH

Target group: teachers (from secondary to higher education), researchers, managers and project, managers (from businesses to NGO’s), employees, trainers, youth workers, etc.

More details on: http://www.formarestudia.ro/?content=103

2015-07-10 - Meeting with mentors and mentees of FORMULA project

Saturday, 11 july 2015, 10 o'clock at Hansel und Gretel Primary School, Iasi.

The event gathers mentors and mentees of FORMULA project 527914-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP aiming to evaluate the impact of the project at 6 months from its finish. 

2013-03-12 - FORMULA

GRUNDTVIG Multilateral project




18-19 MAY 2013, IASI, ROMANIA


2013-03-12 - CASPAN

Grundtvig Partnership


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