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We are glad to announce that our Project Manager, Smaranda Sandulescu, was granted a Grundtvig Assistantship Grant by the Romanian Grundtvig National Agency ANPCDEFP which will allow her to work for a few months as a Grundtvig Assistant for adult education  within NGO Terra Nuova in Rome, Italy. 


Smaranda has worked with Formare Studia for several years, designing projects, writing project proposals, as a trainer on development, education and democracy issues and has a wide international experience. 

Convinced of a fruitful exchange of experience and common interests which contributes to the development of adult education field,  Ms Smaranda Sandulescu will work with Terra Nuova in order to:

- assist in designing and implementing adult education programs, by providing advice and guidance on certain aspects of adult education and learning, including specific aspects on the rules and objectives of the Grundtvig Program;

- reinforcing the European dimension of our institution by promoting inter-cultural cooperation, building partnerships with organizations from Romania and strengthening our understanding about the region and our cooperation with Romania in the field of adult education and development education;

- initiating, developing and assisting in the implementation of replica rolex projects on adult education in particular with orologi replica regard to the marginalized immigrant communities;

- contribute to the reinforcement of development education for lifelong learning;

- contribute to the developing of awareness raising programs for inter-cultural learning, promoting tolerance and understanding between communities, including with the Romanian community in Italy

- helping to build a strong partnership between our organizations, Terra Nuova from Italy and Formare Studia from Romania


She will also have the chance to learn a lot from the  experience that Terra Nuova has in the development and development education field, as well as in the volunteering sector, which can be of great benefit for Formare Studia organization in the future and for Romania as well.

For information on Grundtvig Assistantships  or for future collaboration with Formare Studia you can contact Smaranda Sandulescu at smaranda@formarestudia.ro.




Grundtvig Assistantships enable present or future staff involved in adult education to spenda period of a minimum duration of over 12 weeks and a maxmimum duration of 45 weeks as a Grundtvig Assistant at an adult education organisation in another European country participating in the LLP.

  • It gives participants the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the European dimension to adult learning;
  • To enhance their knowledge of foreign languages, other European countries and their education systems; and
  • To improve their professional and intercultural competences. 
Who can benefit? 


  • Teachers and other staff working in adult education;
  • In-Service trainers of such staff; replique Rolex
  • Former teachers re-entering adult education in a professional capacity after a period away;
  • Graduates with a qualification in adult education/ andragogy and advanced level students studying towards such a qualification.

If you work in the adult education sector and are interested in  working for a few months within another organisation in another country as a Grundtvig Assistant, check the Guide available here which will offer you more information and the steps to be followed.

Information on the evolution of the assistantship will be available graduately here.




In order to disseminate information about the Grundtvig program and it's various components to Terra Nuova and other interested organsations, Smaranda Sandulescu, Grundtvig Assistant, prepared a Grundtvig information sheet 2012 containing information on the deadlines and main details of the Grundtvig program for 2012. Please download the information sheet here, and use it to prepare for Grundtvig projects in 2012!




Please download the Formare Studia GUIDE on how to become a Grundtvig Assistant, put together by Smaranda Sandulescu, Grundtvig Assistant. It answers many important questions related to eligibility and application process and encourages you to  get involved as assistant or host organisation. Remember that the next deadline is 30th March 2012!

Dissemination of the Guide on how to become a Grundtvig Assistant.

During the workshop "Active citizens through civic and voter education" , 5-12 February Iasi the Guide was distributed to the participants and also to the public present at the presentation of the results of the Voter Education Campaigns on the 10 February, Iasi in front of an audience of 30 people.


News & Events

2016-01-13 - The Art of Mentoring training package

FORMARE STUDIA is inviting you to participate in a training course on mentoring.

The Art of Mentoring training package contains three courses that addresses to adults from European countries that desire to learn and experience the magic of mentoring, in order to increase their ability to address other’s needs and be source of motivation for future (formal/non-formal) education or training for adults.
- The Mentor training course
- The Facilitator/trainer for Mentor training course
- The Mentoring Program Manager training course

Working language: ENGLISH and FRENCH

Target group: teachers (from secondary to higher education), researchers, managers and project, managers (from businesses to NGO’s), employees, trainers, youth workers, etc.

More details on: http://www.formarestudia.ro/?content=103

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2015-07-10 - Meeting with mentors and mentees of FORMULA project

Saturday, 11 july 2015, 10 o'clock at Hansel und Gretel Primary School, Iasi.

The event gathers mentors and mentees of FORMULA project 527914-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP aiming to evaluate the impact of the project at 6 months from its finish. 

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2013-03-12 - FORMULA

GRUNDTVIG Multilateral project fake watches


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18-19 MAY 2013, IASI, ROMANIA


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2013-03-12 - CASPAN

Grundtvig Partnership  replica watches


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