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With the support of the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Lifelong Learning programme, GRUNDTVIG


Topics of the workshop: Quality and evaluation of education, Strategies for stimulating demand for learning, Combating failure in education


Language of the workshop: English


Participants:10 participants with different backgrounds and experience in adult education (job seekers, managers, trainers, volunteers, teachers): Aleksandra Krawczak –Poland,  Andrzej Lamek- Poland, Ayhan Kuloglu- Turkey, Carla Carlucci- Italy, Melek Kaya- Turkey, Merja Sankelo- Finland, Michael Richardson- UK, Michel Skapa- France, Thasin Yazir- Turkey,  Olga Bleizi- Greece,with ages between 26 and 55.


Themes of discusion:

1. Fundamentals  of Quality Management in Adult Education      

2. Quality evaluation models applied to the evaluationof adult educational organization

3. Self-assessment processes in adult education 

4. Strategies for Stimulating Quality in Adult Education       

5. Acting at  European level for quality management in adult education: funding opportunities


Types of activities: Lectures, presentations, group discussions, team work, study visit, brainstorming activities, presentation of good practices in quality management implementation in participant’s organization, participation at the annual International Conference “Quality in formal and non formal education”.


Outcomes: increased knowledge about quality management, how to implement quality management in adult education organizations, educational system in Romania and the implementation of quality management in different institutions. 


Main outcome: the Guide for implementing quality management in educational organizations. Download

Project manager: Angela Sava

contact: angela_sava@formarestudia.ro

News & Events

2016-01-13 - The Art of Mentoring training package

FORMARE STUDIA is inviting you to participate in a training course on mentoring.

The Art of Mentoring training package contains three courses that addresses to adults from European countries that desire to learn and experience the magic of mentoring, in order to increase their ability to address other’s needs and be source of motivation for future (formal/non-formal) education or training for adults.
- The Mentor training course
- The Facilitator/trainer for Mentor training course
- The Mentoring Program Manager training course

Working language: ENGLISH and FRENCH

Target group: teachers (from secondary to higher education), researchers, managers and project, managers (from businesses to NGO’s), employees, trainers, youth workers, etc.

More details on: http://www.formarestudia.ro/?content=103

2015-07-10 - Meeting with mentors and mentees of FORMULA project

Saturday, 11 july 2015, 10 o'clock at Hansel und Gretel Primary School, Iasi.

The event gathers mentors and mentees of FORMULA project 527914-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP aiming to evaluate the impact of the project at 6 months from its finish. 

2013-03-12 - FORMULA

GRUNDTVIG Multilateral project




18-19 MAY 2013, IASI, ROMANIA


2013-03-12 - CASPAN

Grundtvig Partnership


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